May 4, 2011
Medical Professionals to be Tried in Bahrain
By Jenifer Fenton

The justice ministry in Bahrain said 47 medical professionals will be tried for crimes that include incitement to overthrow the regime, deadly assault and refusal to help persons in need.
Twenty-four doctors and 23 nurses and paramedics have been charged.
During the protests in the Gulf kingdom, witnesses say security forces in Bahrain stormed the Salmaniya Medical Complex in Manama beating doctors and demonstrators. Bahraini officials deny those accounts.
Activists and human rights groups have alleged that medical personnel have been targeted by Bahraini officials for treating protestors.
“We found doctors were simply providing ethical and life-saving medical care to patients whom Bahraini security forces had shot, detained and tortured,” wrote Richard Sollom, Deputy Director of Physicians for Human Rights, in an email to CNN.
“We documented a systematic attack on medical staff in Bahrain including the beatings, torture and disappearances of more than 30 physicians,” Sollom wrote.
Approximately 30 people have been killed since the protest began on February 14. Hundreds have been detained.